Strategic Solutions

VisionFirst Advisors is a boutique economic development consulting firm, but the services and skills transcend strategic plan development. We serve as the catalyst for exploring new frontiers. We identify and activate key connections, matching the right resource and opportunity to our client’s specific objective. With our experience and practical know-how, we can deliver results for public, private and non-profit organizations seeking a new direction for opportunity and success.

Our experts can scale a solution to meet the needs of your business or community from facilitation of board and staff retreats to helping build relationships at the state level; from executive search to organization management.

Opening Doors to Knowledge and Opportunity

Businesses today face many challenges in the economic development arena from where to do business to understanding the importance of connecting to the right players in the public sector. VisionFirst Advisors can assist businesses with a host of non-legal services from front line advocacy to location strategy and complex financial negotiations. We provide creative solutions to help businesses increase competitiveness and to find new markets.

Building Effective Teams That Create Results

One of the primary challenges facing economic development organizations is the need for intelligent strategy and the ability to assemble a talented team essential for execution. VisionFirst Advisors can connect organizations to accomplished professionals providing operational and management expertise to support progress. We help communities with strategies that fully utilize all resources to accomplish their objectives and to sustain an effective practice.

Providing Connections and Solutions

If indeed economic development is the creation of jobs and prosperity, the support of innovation, and the creation of an overall better quality of life, then both the public and private sectors mutually benefit from this pursuit. VisionFirst Advisors brings together individuals and organizations that can accomplish goals, solve problems, transform communities and create positive change. We help companies get the answers they need and connect to those who can help meet their objectives.

“When the Aerospace Alliance was looking for leadership that understood both the organizational and positioning objectives of the four-state alliance, VisionFirst provided a solution that was more than simply association management. They provided a platform on which the organization operates; marketing events that positively position our state members; and business relationship-building that provides a basis for opportunities.”

Neal Wade

Past Chairman of the Aerospace Alliance

Examples of Strategic Solutions

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Aerospace Alliance

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