Recovery = Restore + Resiliency + Renewal + Transformation
APRIL 22, 2020 – SERIES 1 OF 6

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global health crisis that none of us have experienced. Watching its daily impact on so many lives has been sobering. Equally sobering is the impact on the economy. Now is time to start planning on how the economy can start to be reopened safely.

While this is an unprecedented event, there are lessons to be learned from past disasters. And there is a fine line in the timing the discussion of recovery when you are still in a state of human survival. History shows those communities that can do these in unison have improved outcomes. Leadership matters.

The last few weeks I have talked to many businesses and economic development leaders about what a successful, phased reopening looks like. What do we do? When do we start? What help can I expect? Thousands of questions that can overwhelm economic development leaders. 

Following Hurricane Michael, the VisionFirst team spent a half-day discussing the elements of successful disaster recovery. This series of messages will explore the tenants of recovery based on our experience leading teams during Hurricane Katrina, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and Great Recession of 2008. While not the same, there are common themes and best practices to help both businesses and economic development organizations formulate a safe strategy for reopening and reviving our economy.

The four tenants of recovery are Restore, Resiliency, Renewal and Transformation: all overlapping without sequential steps. Thinking in these terms will create pathways for success, rebuilding economies in a safe and productive way. It will require all stakeholders working together on every level.

There is no doubt that American pride, innovation and determination will lead us through this crisis. And we cannot say it enough, we are all in this together!

Gray Swoope
President & CEO
VisionFirst Advisors