Richmond County Economic Development

Service         Labor & Market Talent Assessment

Location      North Carolina

SITUATION: Recognizing the significance of a strong and accessible workforce in attracting industrial development, the Richmond County Economic Development engaged VisionFirst Advisors to perform a comprehensive assessment of workforce and talent. The aim was to grasp the capabilities of the region’s workforce and identify prevailing trends.

SOLUTION: Utilizing our proprietary data services and supplementing with local, state, and national data sets to access Richmond County and the laborshed’s current situation, VisionFirst approached the assessment through three main data analysis, synthesis, and consensus phases. Emphasis was placed on the current state of the region’s workforce, the workforce’s ability to be trained and how the region can prepare to meet future workforce demands. The assessment for Richmond County Economic Development integrated quantitative analyses and insights, information and insight from businesses, as well as perspectives from economic development and higher education officials.

SUCCESS: The evaluation of labor and market talent in the area enabled Richmond County Economic Development to highlight the expansion of the region’s manufacturing sector. It also provided innovative solutions for the industry to actively participate and improve the regional workforce and talent pipeline.

“I had a fantastic experience with VisionFirst Advisors.  After interviewing multiple firms for our workforce study & implementation program, we chose VisionFirst.  Working in a smaller community, we found them to be very flexible with our limited time & budgeting needs!  VisionFirst was a pleasure to work with & readily available for any questions or advice needed throughout the process.  Their team was knowledgeable, efficient and made the entire process smooth and stress-free. We will be using their services again in the future.”

Martie T. Bulter

Economic Developer, Richmond County Economic Development,

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