Labor & Market Intelligence

VisionFirst Advisors conducts in-depth labor and market intelligence assessments of regions for both companies and communities, utilizing a unique approach of data review and alignment.

The availability of a skilled local workforce has been one of the top two site selection factors for nearly all the last 10 years – underscoring the importance of both an existing workforce and the upcoming talent pipeline. Creating economic competitiveness, vitality and vibrancy is now largely dependent on the quality of its workforce.

Our labor and market intelligence assessments focus on understanding the region’s workforce capabilities and uncovering trends along with future projections. We address three key areas during our analysis:

  • Does the region have the workforce to support growing industry needs?
  • How well skilled and trained in the workforce and can they be upskilled?
  • How can the region ensure a steady workforce pipeline to industries for years to come?

The most important way for communities to be competitive is to build a sustainable infrastructure for workforce development that is adaptive and responsive to local industry needs. To that end, we conduct stakeholder interviews to gauge input and gather insight into the region’s workforce. 


“One of the key components in winning the Ford Blue Oval project was understanding the labor pool and knowing how to best promote the region’s workforce. By utilizing VisionFirst’s in-depth labor analysis of the region, we were able to prove that within the location of the megasite, there was access to a skilled and available workforce.”

Mark Herbison

President, Tipton County Community Development

Labor & Market Intelligence Case Studies

Ford Blue Oval


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