Florida’s Great Northwest

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Location      13 Counties in Northwest Florida

SITUATION: Florida’s Great Northwest (FGNW), the regional economic development organization for the panhandle, received a grant award to do workforce and education-related research and marketing on behalf of Northwest Florida. FGNW enlisted VisionFirst to create a marketing campaign that would not only promote the workforce and talent pipeline in Northwest Florida, but also showcase the investments being made in workforce development and public infrastructure through the Triumph Gulf Coast Fund.

SOLUTION: VisionFirst utilized proven marketing and communications strategies in tandem with business recruitment and retention initiatives to position FGNW for greater long-term success. VisionFirst developed strategic messaging that leveraged the region’s assets and successful utilization of Triumph funds to shape opinion and motivate behavior about the region.

SUCCESS: VisionFirst, along with creative agency MWB, developed a 12-month public relations campaign and strategy that provided a building block approach to success. The strategy outlined opportunities for press releases, event attendance (considering COVID restrictions), digital marketing, paid media, personal outreach and engagement of target audiences.

“We were tasked with delivering a high-quality marketing campaign and the VisionFirst Advisors team delivered impressive results. This was a critical project to our stakeholders and the thoughtful approach this team took with all the facets of the campaign is the reason for the results it continues to deliver to our target audiences across the globe.”


President & CEO, Florida's Great Northwest

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