Aerospace Alliance

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Location      Alabama, Florida Louisiana & Mississippi

SITUATION: The four-state Aerospace Alliance was formed in 2009 to establish the U.S. Southeast region as a world-class aerospace and aviation corridor. Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Florida work in collaboration to promote the region’s assets and leverage opportunities to grow the sector.

SOLUTION: VisionFirst continuously provides ongoing management, operations and marketing and communications support to the organization. The marketing strategies utilized by VisionFirst increase organizational awareness for the Alliance and ensure accurate, consistent and timely communication to both internal and external audiences.

SUCCESS: Members of the VisionFirst staff have been instrumental in the founding and support of the organization and through its growth have developed a deeper knowledge of the aviation and aerospace industry, as well as its needs and drivers. VisionFirst continues to manage the Alliance and provide ongoing marketing and communications support, as well as remain connected to the aerospace companies, educators and leaders who shape the sector.

“When the Aerospace Alliance was looking for leadership that understood both the organizational and positioning objectives of the four-state alliance, VisionFirst provided a solution that was more than simply association management. They provided a platform on which the organization operates; marketing events that positively position our state members; and business relationship-building that provides a basis for opportunities.”

Neal Wade

Aerospace Alliance Past-Chair & Founding Member, University of Alabama

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