Entergy Mississippi

Service        Economic Development Strategy

Location      45-County Service Area in Mississippi

SITUATION: The leadership of Entergy Mississippi wanted to build intellectual capacity and alignment among the economic developers and stakeholders within its 45-county service area to grow jobs and prosperity. Entergy entrusted VisionFirst in the establishment of such a plan.

SOLUTION: VisionFirst Advisors developed a comprehensive strategic plan and aggressive marketing and communications recommendations. The plan and recommendations are supported through ongoing advice and counsel on community and program development as well as marketing and communications implementation activities.

SUCCESS: Since the initial engagement with Entergy in 2016, VisionFirst has developed a myriad of marketing and communications materials to promote the region to both internal and external stakeholders. These materials include target sector competitive advantage infographics and target industry brochures; interactive presentation templates highlighting target industry sectors and regional overview; workforce profiles that demonstrate the talent surrounding available properties; and video mailers and site videos promoting Entergy’s Qualified Site program and ten qualified sites.

“With a robust background in community economic development, we could think of no other firm better suited to help our communities improve their competitiveness than VisionFirst.”

Ed Gardner

Director of Business & Economic Development of Entergy Mississippi

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