re:Vision: A Community Performance Program

One of the most common questions we get as consultants is “how do our (properties, marketing materials, presentations or RFIs) compare to others?”

With clients in more than 48 states and going into our ninth year as a firm, we have developed a cost effective, yet thorough review designed to answer your most common questions. We get it!  We’ve been in your shoes – local, regional and state levels, public sector and private corporations, community development and high-performance corporate organizations. Now as consultants, our team remains committed to delivering tactical, realistic, implementable strategies in a unique process we call re:Vision.

If you don’t know what your competition is doing (better or worse than you), you could be missing out.

Economic development organizations can only be so effective by using their internal benchmarks as guidelines. Understanding the economic development landscape is one of the most effective ways to gain traction in an ever-changing market and to develop a competitive location.

With 3,142 counties (and equivalents) across 50 states, how does your community measure up? More importantly, what does that rank mean in context of resources and opportunities in the market?


“The re:Vision process brought a consultant’s perspective to evaluate all aspects of our team, community and process. Their personal approach combined with years of hands-on experience offered us short and mid-term improvements that we were able to implement quickly. We realized almost an immediate value from the changes made as a result of their plan and proposed tactics.”

J. Clayton Stanley

President of The Alliance of Corinth, Mississippi

VisionFirst’s re:Vision – a community performance program that  leverages more than 100 years of combined experience to identify barriers to success and offer recommendations for improvement. As experienced site selection and strategic advisory consultants, VisionFirst will conduct the assessment to include a variety of the components listed below.

Community Gateways

Physically + Virtually

Product Review

Comprehensive: Sites, Buildings + Talent

Community Marketing & Positioning

Statistics + Marketing

Deal Structuring

Optimizing Opportunities


A Seat at the Table

organizational structure

Maximizing Efficiency


Capacity to Compete


Expectations + Responsibilities

Ready to maximize your competitiveness in the field and achieve better results?

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