Ford BlueOval City

Service        Workforce Alignment Audit

Location      STanton, tennessee

SITUATION: In western Tennessee, just outside the Memphis MSA, VisionFirst conducted a detailed workforce audit of the Memphis Regional Megasite. During the course of the engagement, the region received an RFI from Ford and SK Innovation. VisionFirst served as an extension of the project team to develop and lead the workforce pitch to Ford and SK Innovation.

SOLUTION: VisionFirst expanded upon recent TVA efforts and the workforce alignment audit to identify initiatives to increase regional competitiveness. The data highlights the abundance of manufacturing and related occupations in the region, as well as the future talent pipeline for a company to succeed in the region.

SUCCESS: As a result of strong partnerships and a compelling workforce pitch, West Tennessee was awarded the project. The Blue Oval campus will transform the region and create thousands of high-quality jobs.

“One of the key components in winning the Ford Blue Oval project was understanding the labor pool and knowing how to best promote the region’s workforce. By utilizing VisionFirst’s in-depth labor analysis of the region, we were able to prove that within the location of the megasite, there was access to a skilled and available workforce.”


President, Tipton County Community Development

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