Arcosa Wind Towers

Service         Location Advisory Services, Renewable Energy Technology Manufacturing, Incentive Negotiation

Location      Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa

SITUATION: Arcosa Wind Towers is a leading manufacturer of structural wind towers in North America and works to advance America’s wind energy infrastructure with its partners. The company was considering locations for a structural wind tower manufacturing facility to support its growing operations in the Southwest United States. To assist with this expansion, Arcosa engaged VisionFirst as its strategic partner for location advisory services and incentive negotiation. This partnership was made possible through a referral by Bulter Snow who provided legal services to the company.

SOLUTION: For this engagement, VisionFirst assisted Arcosa with evaluating potential locations and negotiating incentives based on capital investment and job creation in two states in the Southwest. During the process, VisionFirst worked with state and local economic development partners to identify and negotiate incentives for the company’s expansion. VisionFirst conducted a risk matrix of communities being considered based on incentives, business climate issues, and the community’s support of economic development projects. As a result of these evaluations and negotiations, Arcosa selected Belen, New Mexico, as the location for its expansion.

SUCCESS: VisionFirst successfully negotiated incentives with the New Mexico Development Department and the City of Belen for this project including property tax exemptions, sales and use tax exemptions, and workforce training. These incentives are based on Arcosa’s commitment of $78 million in capital investment and the creation of 250 full-time jobs.

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