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Service        Strategic Action Framework

Location      South Carolina

SITUATION: The South Carolina Department of Commerce (SC Commerce) has a rich history of success in economic development, but, like any successful business development enterprise, it must constantly adapt to changing business conditions to succeed. To ensure success over the near and long-term time horizons, and with a new leadership team in place, SC Commerce enlisted VisionFirst, along with Mark Williams, President of the Strategic Development Group (SDG), to develop a strategic action framework to increase the state’s competitive position in its economic development efforts.

SOLUTION: VisionFirst and SDG used data, research, stakeholder feedback and a unique and thorough knowledge of competitive business factors in the southeast to ascertain how SC Commerce is performing and achieving its current mission. VisionFirst also organized an inventory of research and development assets within South Carolina and strategies to leverage them for business development and recruitment opportunities. Additionally, a high-level review of incentives was undertaken to validate alignment with recommended target industries.

SUCCESS: VisionFirst and SDG developed a concise strategic action framework that clearly articulates goals and approaches both internally and externally based on current and anticipated business variables as well as the strengths and challenges of the state. With South Carolina’s target markets and future trends identified and resources aligned, SC Commerce is positioned to pursue new opportunities and increase South Carolina’s economic prosperity and competitiveness.

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