Jackson County Economic Development Committee



SITUATION: Jackson County established a new economic development organization, the Jackson County Economic Development Committee (JCEDC), to expand economic development efforts in the county and position itself for increased competitiveness. JCEDC enlisted Visionfirst Advisors for the development of its first ever strategic plan.

SOLUTION: VisionFirst partnered with JCEDC and its staff and stakeholders to develop an action plan that included goals, strategies and tactics built upon the existing resources to strategically focus the community to grow jobs, support businesses and build a sustainable, viable economy.

SUCCESS: Jackson County utilized VisionFirst’s strategic plan recommendations and established a streamlined vision, mission and purpose for the organization with a clear plan for moving forward. They have enacted a suite of strategies to drive business recruitment, retention and expansion, improve community competitiveness and foster entrepreneurship and business formation. The county has since experienced an increase in economic growth and rise in number of successful projects wins, including the recently announced win of an Amazon delivery center.

“As a newly formed organization, one of the best decisions Jackson EDC made was to engage with VisionFirst Advisors. Gray and team have guided  us through the development of strategies for our recruiting and retention goals while also helping us build a solid foundation for the future of the EDO and Jackson County. We have continued to look to VisionFirst for assistance in updating our strategies for realignment with changes faced after COVID-19 and most recently partnered with Nancy and Cristina to develop a Citizen’s Outreach Initiative. Our recent economic successes in manufacturing, distribution and even retail can all be attributed to our partnership with VisionFirst.”

Tiffany Garling

Executive Director, Jackson County Chamber of Commerce

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