We are thrilled to introduce Chloe Culp, as the newest addition to our team at VisionFirst Advisors! As she pursues her master’s degree in public administration, she brings enthusiasm and dedication to our organization.

Chloe’s passion for public service and commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset to our team. She joins us with a strong academic background and a drive to make a positive impact in the field of public administration.

Throughout her internship, Chloe will have the privilege of collaborating closely with our seasoned professionals, involving herself in hands-on experiences, and contributing to meaningful projects that resonate with her academic and professional aspirations.

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Chloe! We are eager to witness her immerse herself in our environment during her time with us at VisionFirst Advisors.

More about Chloe:

Chloe is currently pursuing her master’s degree in public administration at the University of North Florida, where she has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in communication and a strong work ethic. Her dedication and aptitude enable her to effectively support the staff members at VisionFirst. In her current capacity as an intern, Chloe is seizing the opportunity to broaden her understanding of economic development, aligning her academic pursuits with practical, real-world experience. She is keenly observant and is absorbing the marketing strategies employed by VisionFirst. She recognizes their potential to inform and shape her future career trajectory.

Having balanced the demands of academics and athletics as a collegiate athlete at both Florida State University and the University of North Florida, Chloe is well-versed in managing rigorous schedules and responsibilities. Throughout her athletic endeavors, she has cultivated invaluable interpersonal skills, regularly engaging with administrators, athletic boosters, fans and their families.

These interactions have honed her networking abilities, enriching her professional toolkit as she prepares to transition into the workforce. Moreover, Chloe’s engagement extends beyond the confines of academia and athletics as she has actively contributed to the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC). Chloe represented her peers from both Florida State University and the University of North Florida within SAAC.

Her involvement in SAAC, a distinguished body comprising two student athletes from each athletic program, underscores her commitment to student advocacy and campus community enhancement. Notably, she served as Florida State University's SAAC representative to the prestigious Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), further solidifying her leadership and advocacy prowess within the collegiate sports landscape.

Outside of her internship responsibilities, Chloe engages in various activities to maintain a well-rounded lifestyle. She prioritizes physical fitness through regular workouts, spending quality time with friends and her cats, Lola and Oliver.