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You too can be Virtually Pitch Perfect!

SERIES III Now that you’ve perfected your online presence (series one), your virtual tours (series two)… you’re ready to make the perfect pitch. As we discussed in the series one, defining your competitive advantages expresses to the customer what sets you apart...

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Lights, Camera, Focus… on a Virtual Experience

SERIES II Launched in 2005, Google Earth was the first interactive composite map of the world. Where is the first place you searched? Your house of course.  Did the search result in the correct location or did the pin drop down the street? How grainy was the...

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We’re Open for Business. Well…our website is.

SERIES I Your website serves as your 24/7 marketing tool - the virtual storefront of your community if you will. We started this series to drive home the reality that you are being considered far more often than you realize. With a competition field of more than 3,000...

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The Jetson’s Have Arrived – to Help You!

VISIONFIRST'S VIRTUAL TECH & MARKETING SERIES VOCABULARY LESSON Well, we aren’t the Jetson’s, but we are here to help you. From HMDs to 360-degrees and CTAs to CTRs, we will help you navigate acronyms, tactics and tools of this new virtual reality (pun intended)....

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Virtually the best thing you’ll read all day!

INTRODUCING OUR FIRST VIRTUAL TECH & MARKETING SERIES Back in the 1980s, the word virtual was introduced to many us through video games. I’ll never forget the Christmas I got my first Nintendo Entertainment System. Oh, how far we have come since the days of...

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Personal Mindset Critical to Recovery

Recovery = Restore + Resiliency + Renewal + TransformationMAY 15, 2020 – SERIES 6 OF 6 I am often asked what our late cofounder and friend, Melissa Medley, would be saying today during the coronavirus pandemic. The answer lies in one of her 2020 personal...

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Transformation Vital to Economic Recovery

Recovery = Restore + Resiliency + Renewal + TransformationMAY 8, 2020 – SERIES 5 OF 6 The federal government will continue to provide stimulus packages to help the country recover from the corona virus pandemic. As with previous economic crises, there will...

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A Chance for Renewal as Part of Recovery

Recovery = Restore + Resiliency + Renewal + TransformationMAY 5, 2020 – SERIES 4 OF 6 Renewal involves moving beyond just restoring the economy but accelerating it to go beyond the status quo. For rural America, there is an opportunity for renewal of...

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Building Resiliency in a Recovery Strategy

Recovery = Restore + Resiliency + Renewal + TransformationMAY 1, 2020 – SERIES 3 OF 6 A strategy for recovery must include resiliency as a component of the plan. Other components include Restore, Renewal and Transformation.  Government and businesses...

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